before and after 1
early example of my oil painting
portrait of a girl with dark hair

The first picture is how I would paint when I had no plan, and just used trial and error. I did not know the oil painting process. I would begin always wondering if I was doing “it” correctly. Then I had no idea what to do next. The whole painting was made in a state of doubt and I would basically hope for the best.

Unfortunately the before pic represents a pattern not many students escape from.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but this idea that a student is supposed to trudge along in frustration and trial and error is…frankly, ridiculous.

Do you think Rembrandt learned this way? Seriously?

Now, I will never tell anyone I will turn you into the next Rembrandt…or Rubens, or Monet, Sargent, Gainsborough, or any other master you care to mention

The picture on the right is how I paint, after I have learned the oil painting process. When I had a set procedure to follow. The same procedure that is available for you here.

Below you’ll see screenshots from just some of the many instructional videos inside my 7 Video Series of oil painting instruction.e

They are from the online version of the program where you just choose the video you want to watch and click.

And although I never try to bullshit you and say something like “buy my course and become the next Rembrandt” I will say I try to provide easy to follow and understand instructions so you can begin improving and seeing results immediately, not years or even months from now. That would lead to frustration and you not sticking with it. The faster you see results, the faster you know that you really can paint the way you always wanted to.

Click here to start learning today with oil painting formula either the DVD version or Online version

Unless your satisfied with making paintings like in the “before” pic at the top.

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