Here is a painting I did. I took photos of the work in different stages so you can see how the painting process works. One of the biggest mistakes I see aspiring painters make is thinking that you just draw it and then try to carefully fill it in. Almost in the way you would if you were coloring in a coloring book picture.

The finished piece before I signed it. If you would like to learn my methods, and make your next painting the best one you ever painted, get yourself a copy of my 7 Video Series called Oil Painting Formula. 

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Teaching oil painting for over 20 years. I love to help others reach their artistic potential. Always keep on learning!

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  • Dear ethan
    I love your work,your instructions and Videos.But I am soooooo stupid with my computer,I am an absolute beginner and can not find anybody to help with the monster.I very much like to improve my painting,how can I find your videos or books .In the bookshop they always ask me the ISBN code which I do not have
    Can you also explain ,how to find your free videos on my Laptop? Last month I had to pay the server almost a months income,our currency,the South African Rand, is very bad.
    Thank you very much.And I will not give up.

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