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Many paintings of art students look like colored in drawings instead of a painting. One of the main causes of this is when they first draw the outlines of the painting using pencil and then simply try to fill it all in in one layer.

It’s a very common problem that usually leads to disappointment because you will have a very rigid looking painting with hard outlines.

Also, did you know you can actually help to solve this problem by learning to draw better. Remember, drawing is not just making an outline around an object.

In the short video that I made for you, I use the painting of a master to explain the concept. The painting is of a little girl with a frilly dance costume. Certainly a piece of material that does not call for a hard outline.

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  • Hi Ethan! I finally got my painting course downloaded, I love it!!!!I’ve been painting for a long time, but thanks to you, I am going to be a lot better painter!!!! I find something new in every facit of the course. Thanks again–Pat

  • I like this tip very much, but I knew it. How so? I bought The Secrets of Oilpainting Techniques and the painting formule DVD’S. If you want more of these brilliant tips just buy it and all of your problems will be solved!!!

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