“difference in my paintings since I started watching and listening to you”

Sometimes you have to heard it from an impartial source:

Like Pat who appears to the right

Hi Ethan!  I have been interested since I saw the first e-mail on my computer!  I’ve been taking lessons from a friend of mine for a long time, but I have learned new things since I started watching your e-mails.

I had always painted on white canvas and now I am using your acrylic backgrounds and can tell a lot of difference in the tones I get.

I like the way you do portraits , and I think that is the one that made me try your course.  I am still taking lessons and will probably start helping my teacher with the new things I’m learning from you.  I had her use the naples yellow pale for highlights on the last painting she did, and she loved it!!!  I can tell a difference in my paintings since I started watching and listening to you, so thank you in advance!!  You never get too old to learn, and I’m more than willing to absorb anything I can get my hands on about painting.  I’m looking forward to the new experience!

Pat M

Jullian french easel review

jullian french easel *Links on this page may take you to a store’s website. If you purchase something there we will earn a small amount of money because we are an affiliate of that store.

The Jullian french easel, to put it simply, is the standard by which others are measured. It is not made to paint very large pictures, but for what it is designed for, it is hard to beat. An easel needs to be a few things for it to be a good one. The first thing it needs to be is sturdy. And this easel is sturdy. It won’t wiggle around while you paint. It will give you a solid base for your canvas, or wooden panel if that’s what you prefer to work on.

One of the biggest advantages this easel has

The french julian easel doubles as a paint box. As you probably know, many people take a jullian french easel to paint outdoors, or you can even take it with you if you go on vacation so you can paint some scenery while you’re spending time relaxing. In this case it’s more like a paint box that unfolds into an easel. When you first get one…you can’t help but smile. It’s just really cool. It’s like one of those transformer toys how it all unfolds.

Small studio space?…The Jullian French Easel is the perfect solution

Just about everyone would love a huge easel in a huge studio to make all their paintings. Hey, when you have a huge studio space, you have many easels. But, to be realistic, most people don’t have unlimited room to paint in.

The classic Jullian French Easel takes up such a small amount of space, you can set it up in the corner of a room for your painting space. Or, if you want – but I don’t recommend this – you can fold it up when you’re done. Easel away, paints away, everything contained in a nice little space. There are different sizes, so you’ll have to decide the best size for you.

If there is one bad point, like I mentioned before, the easel can’t hold really large canvases. Up to about 31 inches is the max. But, for the price you can buy a julian french easel for, it’s really an incredible value and help to have one. There are some cheaper imitations. And, if money is an issue for you, then of course get a cheaper one, however if you really think about the small savings that you’ll get only one time for buying a cheaper easel, personally I don’t think it’s worth it just to save a few bucks. Hey, oil paint supplies are not cheap (at least good ones are not cheap). You probably waste that much already on buying junky canvases that are hurting your oil painting, or on buying paints that you will never need or probably never use.

So, my recommendation is to buy the classic jullian french easel,Click here to buy a Jullian French Easel If you like this Jullian french easel review, share it with friends using the buttons below.