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My New website will take you right inside my studio.

Each video will teach a lesson, but most lessons will come while you watch me paint to demonstrate everything. Just as if I was painting in my studio with nobody around.

There are so many videos coming as you'll watch me paint still life, landscape, portraits and more.

Today in my studio I was getting ready to launch the new website and I have some pics for you to see inside.


This is a wide shot of my studio with my painting area and my table right in front of my easel. That table is where I keep my brushes, turpentine and rags while I paint.

studio corner

This is from another angle. You can see the shelves I built that hold pigments, brushes, empty jars, turpentine, hooks for my palettes and more.

Ugh - I must organize that better!


I snapped this picture for you as I was cleaning. This is my model stand. I built it out of 2x4's and some planks of wood mostly. And, it has wheels!

I can set up my subject matter on this as well as cloths for my background. I can attach a light to really control the elements and get the light just as I want. Or I can use the large window across from it if I want to use natural light. It has 2 shelves in it as well to hold canvas and cloths that I use as backdrops.

I'm getting ready to take you inside my studio in an intimate setting where you'll have premium access to me. is for members only. It hasn't launched yet, but it is going to. It's going to be a great ever growing community
If you'd like to sign up at a discounted price go here.


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