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Award-winning editorial photographer, Zack Arias has built a portrait education series centered around understanding and mastering the foundations of portrait photography and laying the groundwork you’ll need to grow as a photographer. Whether you are in photography as a craft or as a profession, there is one thing for certain: you need to understand these basic principles in order to progress in your portrait work. This course will give you every tool and technique you’ll need to get started taking beautiful portraits with budget-friendly equipment – all while building your confidence and poise on set.

This fundamental series takes you through gear essentials for cameras, lenses, and lighting, including how to choose the right gear and why they are important. Master all the aspects of exposure control like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, flash power and flash-to-subject distance and never wonder about your settings again! Learn Zack’s techniques for shaping light to create different moods, and how to approach different modifiers to achieve the look you’re going for. Lastly, follow along as Zack executes two full shoots: one indoors, and one outdoors, and see these fundamentals in action.

If the staggering amount of information about photography, gear, and lighting on the internet has left you feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, you’ve come to the right place. When you reach the end of this series, you’ll find your skill level to be eminently elevated and your confidence behind the lens will be higher than ever before. Investing in this course means investing in yourself, your knowledge, and your success as a portrait photographer.



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