For over 15 years, Ethan’s oil painting instructional products have helped thousands of people from all over the world (Well over 20 countries) improve their oil painting.

The focus of my instructional products is actually teaching people. There is too much instruction available already that focuses on complicated sounding terms, spiritual journey’s taken by “artists” and other similar themes. My products focus on the craft of oil painting.

I will never claim you will be the next Rembrandt, but I focus on actually teaching…being able to communicate an idea so you understand it and can implement it in your next painting.

Here are a list of my products you can choose from that are created with the goal of actually helping you, now!

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My 7 DVD Instructional Video Series – Oil Painting Formula

oil painting formula picA 7 Video Series – At Home Training Program – Featuring Over 10 Hours of Video Demonstration on Traditional Oil Painting Techniques and Procedures.

I call this, the training program I would have liked to enrolled in when I took oil painting lessons.

Learn More About Oil Painting Formula







Landscape Demonstration

landscape dvd

Watch Ethan paint an “old master” landscape using a more modern wet on wet technique. This is not your “happy little accident” 😉

Learn more about “How to Paint an Old Master Landscape”


Inside My Studio

artstudentsclubThe future of all of my oil painting instruction

This is like getting access to my library of oil painting instruction and me personally. Just log in and access all the premium lessons and content.

Don’t wait to get anything shipped to you, just Watch them right online.

Learn more about becoming a Studio Insider