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All About Painting Mediums
Action Plan

How to know what mediums to use (and not use) to help you paint better...

...And stop being confused about this topic that makes painting so different from drawing.

Here's how to learn about painting mediums in a way that will make sense and end your confusion about "what medium should I use?"

We've all been there. Whether it's in the art supply store buying painting mediums or at your easel and making a painting, mediums are confusing!

After all, when you draw - you don't use any medium at all!​

​If you've taken art classes, the instruction about mediums usually amounts to getting a list of class supplies. You're supposed to by them and use them without knowing why.

Are you trying to get your paintings to be smooth without brushstrokes? If so, do you know what you should be adding to your paint as a medium? you like a rougher, sketchier look? Again I ask, if you know what medium you should be adding to your paint for that?

“One of the main differences between drawing and painting is the use of medium. Can you draw pretty well, but when you paint you become lost? Not understanding mediums is a big part of this frustration”

I haven't even covered all the money you're probably wasting on useless mediums that you will never use or don't need.

Oil painting is a wet "medium". If only you had an easy to understand "action plan" about mediums that you could refer back to over and over again so you wouldn't be confused any longer...

I Don't Just Teach This Stuff...I Actually Use This Information Myself:

Each painting below was done by me. I had to know how to use different mediums to get the different effects for each painting.

oil painting looking down 5th ave
oil painting of garbo

By Getting This "Action Plan" you’ll get the following benefits:

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Bye Bye Confusion  

With this easy to understand information you won't be lost asking "What medium should I use?"

Easy to Understand

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I don't like confusing jargon so I explain things in easy to understand English.

"Hasn't seen anything like it in 20 years..."

“I have been studying art as a hobby for the past twenty years, now retired I am in my third year of a painting course with the “Open College of Art” (Part of the “Open University”). During that time I have never come across such practical information… Thanks for opening another door for me – it was a great package well worth reading again – and again.”

- Brian Clarke (United Kingdom)

What The Painting Mediums Action Plan
Does for You:

What are the good (and bad) qualities of the oils, varnishes, turpentines, etc. that you can buy

You won't just use one thing in your painting medium. You'll have to mix a few ingredients together. Sound confusing?

Not when you have this action plan that will tell you the good things adding a particular ingredient will do to your well as the bad things.

How to mix your own medium for the effect
you want. 

I know the effect I want. But, that might not be the same effect that you want.

What you want is important and what matters, so learn how to get the medium that you want...and need to produce the effect you are after.

More things you'll learn

Explanations of why I use the mediums that I do. When you learn "why?" you do something, you can apply that knowledge to your own circumstance.

Understand "Why?" and you are really learning something that you can use immediately!

  • When can you use an odorless substitute for turpentine?
  • What are good pre-mixed mediums sold in art stores?
  • How to make your own painting varnish
  • Stop wasting from $50 on up every time you buy art supplies

"Like a treasure..."

“What a treasure trove!! My library has several hundred art books and your information seems to be what I have been looking for. Thanks again.”

- Judith Lancaster (North Carolina, USA)

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