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Watch Me Oil Paint a Copy of an Old Master Landscape While I Explain The Process I am Using and Explain “Why?” I Do Everything

From: Ethan Semmel
Re: Old Master Landscapes Quick and Easy – DVD

Old master landscapes are wonderful. Just a pleasure to look at on the wall and a feast for the eyes.

But how to paint one? What techniques and methods to use? Well, I have a DVD for you where I paint a copy of an old master landscape as a lesson to help you learn.

But, watch the preview below first. It is taken right from the DVD so you can get a feel for what is on this video. To be honest the sound is a little muffled in parts, but you can still watch and learn from it.

As a bonus, I’ll also send you another DVD I made called “The Materials I Use”.

This is me going over the exact materials I use to make the painting in the landscape DVD.

Materials play such an important role in your painting and most classes do nothing more than give you a material list. This is nothing but a shopping list. In this bonus video I’ll go over all the materials in depth. Which ones I use and why.

What Will You Learn?

  • Step by Step Information that is always explained in an incredibly Easy To Understand way. And most effective format to learn easily. Here is Step 1. Here is what we are going to do in Step 1, Here is How to do Step 1, Here is Why you do step 1…repeat with step 2
  • Discover a different medium than you have used before, helping you to get that old master feel.
  • See how my canvas is not the same as yours – which is hurting your painting.
  • How to use traditional tools to paint wet on wet. You don’t need special 4 inch brushes or “foliage brush”
  • Watch as a dark moody sky comes to life
  • See how to paint clouds
  • How to paint trees like the old masters did. Including highlights on leaves, tree trunks, branches, patches of sky shining through the leaves, and more
  • Learn what you should paint first, before anything else.
  • How to use just a few colors on your palette so you avoid getting mud and your colors shine with clarity
  • How to use glazing and veiling with the wet on wet technique once your painting has dried to give those final details the look that only this method can produce

Your dvd is around 2 hours worth of instruction and painting.

Don’t forget the bonus video that is another 30 minutes or so.

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Keep On Learning,

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P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not landscape painting you may know from PBS teachers like Bob Ross. This goes leaps and bounds beyond that. This will have you learning techniques you won’t learn from those type of TV painters