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IMPORTANT: Your "Glazing Video" is on its way! (Please allow 10-15 minutes for delivery). While you are waiting, read the page below and watch the short video teaser about other videos you may want to see.

The Glazing Video covers a technique, a procedure. It is definitely a party of the Oil Painting Formula, but, what about the stuff that comes before glazing?

Are you putting the “cart before the horse?”

Introducing…the first steps of the Oil Painting Formula

Maybe you’ve seen ads for my 7 part Video Instruction Series, Oil Painting Formula. In case you haven’t here is a trailer taken right from the actual instruction course below.

Learning to oil paint can be confusing – yes!

How do I begin? What Medium do I use? What Brush Do I use? How am I going to learn it all?

Are these some questions you ask yourself when you’re making an oil painting, or when you studying, practicing and trying to learn to oil paint?

We’ve all been there. Oh sure, you may have taken some classes, but that was more like a social gathering where you get together in a group and the teacher comes around and does the ol…

“Tell you what you’re doing wrong” system of teaching

You know…they point to your work and say “that’s too dark” or “that’s too green”

What about giving you a formula, a complete system you can easily learn and follow for every painting you make…no matter what subject matter you are painting?

Step 1 – do this

Step 2 – do this

And so forth.

Well, I’ve gone through that “tell you what you’re doing wrong” teaching. You know what…I know firsthand that it doesn’t work. It’s very expensive that’s for sure…but it doesn’t work!

If you want to know the secrets of the procedures of the masters…their techniques, their supplies, all their secrets… given to you on a silver platter in video demonstration form, this is what you have been waiting for.

A video training series called…“Oil Painting Formula”

This is a 7 Part Video Series that will cover every step of oil painting from choosing, preparing and using your materials through the entire painting process.

In essence, it breaks down all the steps into a formula for you to follow.

I’ve been teaching oil painting online for about 10 years and privately before that at $180 per hour.

I am the one painting in the videos so you can see some of the work I do.Let me also just show you some small photos of some of my paintings so you can get a better idea of my work.


This complete video series regularly sells at $197 for the DVD version and $97 for the online only version.

However, I’d like to let you get started today by getting the first part of the formula – disc 1, covering the first 5 topics – which you can watch online, for only $7

Kind of an incentive to get you going so you can experience it for yourself without a larger commitment.

Here are screenshots of right inside the members area where you will be able to watch the videos as often as you like. You can also see what is covered in “Disc 1” that you will have access to.




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