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How much is easy to understand information about the secrets of oil painting supplies worth to your improvement as an oil painter?

Suppose you could get straight up, easy to understand information that ends your confusion and improves your oil paintings immediately.

Picture this…Every secret and tip about your oil painting supplies you would expect to learn in an expensive school in one easy to understand e-book, such as…

  • knowing exactly what medium to use to get the effect you want.
  • Knowing exactly what brushes you should use.
  • Knowing everything about canvases.
  • Knowing exactly what supplies to buy to help you paint better pictures.
  • Eliminating the guesswork about all of those confusing supplies.
  • Knowing what supplies to not buy to save your hard earned money.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right information. Information that makes it easy for you to “get it” and apply to your paintings immediately.

Think about it. easy to understand information from a good instructor is the most powerful aid you can ever have to improve your paintings . When you get the secrets of your supplies, in a step by step, easy to understand way, your confusion is gone.

You won’t ask yourself questions like “What medium should I use?” or “What brush do I need?” Simply put, clear up your confusion about your supplies and you can focus on what you want to do…create beautiful paintings.

Just a sample of what you’ll learn Inside the Secrets to Oil Painting Supplies Made Easy…

  • What are the differences between all the paintbrushes that you can buy. There are so many to choose from, which ones do you really need?
  • When to use bristle brushes and when to use soft hair brushes. They have different purposes and you should know what they are
  • How to use brushes to take brush marks out of your painting and get that “smooth” look to your paintings.
  • How to make sure your palette isn’t making things harder for you. I’m talking about the thing you mix your paints on. What, you didn’t realize that depending what you are using, you may be making things much harder on yourself?
  • How to NOT get confused when looking at all the paint tubes in an art supply store
  • Understand, exactly, how oil paint is made, the difference between student grade and artist grade paint and more
  • Explanations of the painting knives you should have.
  • What medium should you use? Finally get the answer to this most confusing question.
  • How to mix your own medium for the effect you want.
  • Why you shouldn’t use the pre-stretched canvas you can buy in the stores. And how this is only making it much harder for you.
  • Learn to save yourself money. Which oil paints are a waste of money. Discover the information you need so you walk into an art supply store and not get taken by a salesperson who tries to sell you supplies you do not need.
  • And much more

Who Should Read It

  • Anyone who is a complete beginner or intermediate oil painter.
  • Anyone who has taken oil painting classes in the past and was not satisfied.
  • Students currently taking lessons that are unhappy with them.
  • Anyone who would rather learn at home rather than in a classroom.
  • Anyone who is confused by the technical procedures of oil painting.
  • People that currently paint landscapes/nature and would like to try people, or vice versa.
  • Anyone following the painters on public television that wants to move beyond that way of painting.

100% Guarantee

I know for a fact the information in this book works. The information inside it was compiled over 15 years of study. Also, I am pretty confident I have explained things in a way so you can actually use the information and put it to work for you.

But, I don’t want you to feel like you are taking a risk by getting yourself a copy, so do know that there is a 100% guarantee on the book. If you buy it and read it and just feel it won’t help you, let me know through the contact form, email, etc. and I’ll refund your money.

Therefore, I want to emphasize that there is no risk to you. You can get the book without worry of “What if it doesn’t work?”

The only thing I can’t guarantee is that you will actually use the information inside it, that’s up to you.

The book comes in a PDF format.

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