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oil painting techniques book coverThe Secrets of Oil Painting Techniques Made Easy

When have a procedure to create your paintings with – how to oil paint from start to finish – oil painting becomes more enjoyable and much less frustrating.

In my 20+ years painting and teaching I’ve seen all too often, students approach a painting without any knowledge of procedures, techniques, what the first, step, second step…what they should be thinking about…

You get the picture, I’m sure.

Now, suppose you could get easy to follow, step by step instruction about oil painting techniques that would have you painting better pictures than you ever before.

Instruction that taught you the principles of oil painting. The stages of making a painting – the painting process – and most importantly answers to the question why?

Good Instruction Can Be Used Immediately

There are people who have a pre-conceived idea that a painter must just struggle along for months or years. Plodding along by trial and error until they find their way.


Nothing else is taught like this. No other craft. No other subject I can think of.

When my 7 year old learns subtraction in school, he learns the procedure and immediately practices what he just learned. He applies the technique immediately. His homework that night is more practice of the procedure he learned that very day.

When you learn the procedure for how to see nature and transfer what you see into the language of oil painting – which, will be covered in step by step explanations in The Secrets of Oil Painting Techniques Made Easy – you should be able to apply that technique immediately.

Easy to Understand Instruction is Key

If you are taught something, but don’t understand it, what good does it do you?

If I have had complaints about the book, it has been because the book seemed too easy. That’s fine by me. Easy is good. Easy makes it easier for you to “get it”. As an instructor, my job is to teach you things in a way that you understand what I am teaching. What good does it do to write tons and tons of words just to make myself feel important after writing tons of long and important sounding terms that nobody understands?

You Need To Know “Why?”

I can tell you steps to take, things to do, such as how to begin your paintings. That doesn’t mean just the physical part of “Do this first”, but what your mind should be focused on at this point in the painting process. This way you can apply the procedure you are learning in your own style.

But, you need to know why you are doing something.

When I cover tone values and how many to use, how to take what you see in nature and translate that into tone values for oil painting, I explain why you should do so.

This helps you understand the principle better and helps you to apply it to your next painting…and every other painting after that.

Not a project book

If you don’t learn principles and don’t learn why, but are only taught something like – 4 steps to make a painting, you are making projects. Sort of like my 7 year old would make in his art class where the goal of each class is to make a project he can take home and hang up on the refrigerator.

That’s not what you’ll get from me. There’s enough of that instruction out there already. This is traditional painting. The way painters have been painting for centuries.

A reference you’ll use again and again

In the book, you’ll have information about techniques and procedure that is organized into a useable format. The pre-painting stuff such as how to see nature like a painter and then how to use your supplies to apply this new knowledge of how to see.

One of my teachers was fond of saying, if you can see it, you can paint it. Very true.

So with a clear organization techniques – from how to begin, all the way through to the end of a painting, I’ve had people write and tell me they keep referring back to the book long after they purchased it and are always finding the answers to their problems in it.

Here’s a Sample of Oil Painting Problems You’ll find solutions for.

Inside The Secrets of Oil Painting Techniques Made Easy, just a sample of what you will learn is…

  • The right way to begin your paintings.
  • How to use an underpainting.
  • Finally, glazing – explained.
  • How to translate anything in real life into the language of oil paint.
  • Knowing how to really think like an oil painter.
  • A step by step procedure to paint from start to finish for whatever you like to paint.
  • How to become your own best teacher.
  • And more.

You know…Those same secrets that were used by the greatest oil painters in history. The same techniques that you need to know to reach your full artistic potential. The same techniques that you thought you would learn when you paid all that money for your oil painting lessons so you will…

  • Be proud and anxious to show off your paintings to as many people as possible.
  • Not be able to wait to hang them on your walls for all to see.
  • Enter them in exhibitions
  • Give them as gifts
  • Feel proud when other refer to you as “a wonderful artist” as you receive the praise and respect from others for your artistic ability
  • Sounds too good to be true? Not if you have the right easy to understand instruction.

You wouldn’t be confused or frustrated anymore while painting. You would know everything from start to finish. And you could concentrate on your creativity because you know all the secrets of technique.

You will be saying, “At Last! Every Secret Of Oil Painting Techniques From Start To Finish – Is Here.” So You Begin Painting Better Immediately, Not Months From Now.

Here is the Table of Contents

1. Old and New Painting

2. Ways to Begin

  • transferring a drawing
  • pouncing
  • squaring up
  • drawing on the painting surface
  • beginning right away with paint
  • a secret of some portrait painters
  • what if you “can’t draw well”
  • the use of photographs

3. Composition

  • thumbnails and sketches
  • making your own “frame” and “framing” your subject before you begin
  • what makes a good composition
  • a general rule about composition
  • an advanced way to get a good composition

4. Lighting Your Subject

  • Using Your Supplies – Technique
  • the 2 step process
  • painting is not tinting
  • it’s time to think differently
  • the masses, the most important thing
  • seeing the world like a painter
  • squinting
  • translating nature into the laws of paint
  • the 5 basic tones we must use
  • outdoor painting

5. Procedure

  • procedure for the “old” method
  • oiling out
  • when to stop working
  • notes about edges
  • details
  • you must think differently when you paint
  • understanding the idea that small shapes lay on top of the large shapes
  • the problem of seeing things as shapes
  • “newer” method of painting

6. Putting Techniques Into Practice

  • the earliest painters
  • the painters of Venice
  • reconstruction 1
  • reconstruction 2
  • reconstruction 3

7. Glazing

  • what glazing is
  • applying glazes

8. Learn From Museums

  • these paintings can teach you more than any art class
  • unfinished paintings and sketches
  • numerous samples to guide you
  • more samples to guide you

9. Helpful Exercises

  • trying out colors against different backgrounds
  • using different thickness of paint to get different effects
  • mixing color right on canvas
  • blending edges of color
  • stroke exercises

Who Should Read It

  • Anyone who is a complete beginner or intermediate oil painter.
  • Anyone who has taken oil painting classes in the past and was not satisfied.
  • Students currently taking lessons that are unhappy with them.
  • Anyone who would rather learn at home rather than in a classroom.
  • Anyone who is confused by the technical procedures of oil painting.
  • People that currently paint landscapes/nature and would like to try people, or vice versa.
  • Anyone following the painters on public television that wants to move beyond that way of painting.

100% Guarantee

I know for a fact the information in this book works. The information inside it was compiled over 15 years of study. Also, I am pretty confident I have explained things in a way so you can actually use the information and put it to work for you.

But, I don’t want you to feel like you are taking a risk by getting yourself a copy, so do know that there is a 100% guarantee on the book. If you buy it and read it and just feel it won’t help you, let me know through the contact form, email, etc. and I’ll refund your money.

Therefore, I want to emphasize that there is no risk to you. You can get the book without worry of “What if it doesn’t work?”

The only thing I can’t guarantee is that you will actually use the information inside it, that’s up to you.

How to Order

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