Getting to know your materials


1 hour 2 minutes

5 Lessons

About Getting to know your materials

Here we will begin getting into the materials you will use to produce your paintings. This includes the paint itself and the tools used to apply it to the painting surface.

You’ll get lessons on brushes and painting knives. The paint itself and we’ll begin to get into how to mix the colors you will need to produce different variations of a color, from dark to light.

You’ll also get a demonstration of making your own paint which is not as hard as it sounds. There are many benefits to making your own paint including knowing exactly what oil you are adding to it so you will know it’s drying time, you’ll be able to control the consistency, glossiness, and it just makes for better paint. Sort of like home made food compared to fast food.

brushes and knives

cleaning your brushes

your colors

mixing your colors

making your own paint

About the Teacher

Ethan D

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