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van dyck portrait to teach dark to light painting

Should You Oil Paint Dark to Light or the Other Way Around?

I think most art students have heard the old adage "You paint dark to light." One of the most basic principles of oil painting states to keep your darks thin and your light thick. Unfortunately, people try to follow this rule without knowing why and may get a pre-conceived "law" in their head that they are scared to break for fear they are not "painting right.

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Bill Hegarty, Virginia

“Your information is like a passenger reading it to land a plane! All the pilots secrets are in there. it brings back those college days, where you we’re suppose to KNOW instinctively how to master the different medium. Boy, do you hit home.”

Jenny L. Lasswell, Lasswell Studios, Texas

“I have gotten a tremendous amount of information. Although I have been painting for 35 years, along with achieving a MFA in painting & drawing, your information lays out the fine details and techniques which are rarely taught in today’s universities. It is great for teaching, as well as for use in one’s own studio.”

Wayne Williams, Crestview, FL

“I am amazed!! I am 58 years old and have never written a testimonial, until now. I have dabbled in art for about 40+ years and have collected many volumes on how to oil paint. 90% are of the “how to” variety. I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the directions that I am getting and thus becoming very suspicious. I ordered your information. I was enthralled!! For the first time someone was telling me WHY, not giving me their opinion! I am going to have a huge yard sale this spring and get rid of several thousand dollars of “useless” art books! Thank you and keep up the terrific work. You will never know how many questions you answered for me.”