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Tone Values in Oil Painting

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August 21, 2020

video of a lesson in tone values in oil painting

Here is a short video tutorial that will cover one of the most important lessons any oil painting student needs to learn. How to translate real life into the language of oil paint.

A painting is a representation of real life. Most people have a very hard time because they see nature or real life, and want to just plop it down on their canvas or painting surface. This will not work. You only have little blobs of colored pastes that we call oil paint. Real life has nature’s laws. Oil paint has it’s own laws too. In fact knowing the laws of oil paint and how to use them to represent nature is a huge key in learning to paint well. I go over this and many other techniques of painting in my manual about oil painting techniques

If you learn a simple procedure for translating real life into oil paint, you’ll never be so helpless before nature any more asking questions like…”what do I do next”

For more information on oil painting techniques...

This is a big part of learning to oil paint. Most aspiring painters have no "plan" when they paint, they just sort of "wing it" and hope it all turns out in the end.

This is a system that you can use, starting now. And, you can use it for every painting you make. With a system of translating real life into oil paint you have a way to express yourself that you can always rely on. The old masters would use their tone values in this way, but this isn't taught in formal oil painting classes.

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