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ingres painting copy
Always trying to learn as well as continually experimenting with supplies and techniques, I painted this copy of the French 19th century master – Ingres when I was much younger.
The original Ingres on the left and my copy on the right.
I probably used a little too much oil in my copy as I was trying to get a “non brushstroke” look like he achieved. Of course, I now know that isn’t the way to achieve that effect. Interestingly enough, as I got older I lost interest in that effect. That’s the way it goes.

I find it better when copying a master to learn, to try to have a goal in mind rather than just blindly trying to copy them for the sake of copying them. Try to learn how they did or achieved a particular thing. Such as a certain effect, how they used lines, how they balanced shapes against another, how they could make skin glow – are just a few that come to mind.

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